Example: state

state is another meta data. If you set state=inactive metadata for some services, only clients can not access those services even if those services are alive.

You can use it to disable a service temporally and don't shutdown the server.

You can manage rpcx service via rpcx-ui).

```go server.go

func main() { flag.Parse()

go createServer1(*addr1, "")
go createServer2(*addr2, "state=inactive")

select {}


func createServer1(addr, meta string) { s := server.NewServer() s.RegisterName("Arith", new(example.Arith), meta) s.Serve("tcp", addr) }

func createServer2(addr, meta string) { s := server.NewServer() s.RegisterName("Arith", new(Arith), meta) s.Serve("tcp", addr) }

```go client.go
    xclient := client.NewXClient("Arith", client.Failover, client.RoundRobin, d, client.DefaultOption)
    defer xclient.Close()

    args := &example.Args{
        A: 10,
        B: 20,

    for {
        reply := &example.Reply{}
        err := xclient.Call(context.Background(), "Mul", args, reply)
        if err != nil {
            log.Fatalf("failed to call: %v", err)

        log.Printf("%d * %d = %d", args.A, args.B, reply.C)
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